City Ville Cash Tool v1.1

1. Download Cityville Cash tool v1.1.

2. Open Tool and click on Generate button and wait few seconds.

3. Congatulations! The money have been added to your account.


1. You may Have to fill out a short FREE Survey this is just to prove your human and not a bot and to protect the amount of file downloads Available.
2. Once downloaded save file to desktop then open it.
3. Enter your the amount of items you want to be loaded onto your account

4. Then Click the generate button
5. Log back into your account after 1-2 minutes

Hope you Enjoy using the Cityville Cash tool v1.1 & Enjoy!

Frontier Ville Cheats // Items loophole

Download required files [ Link] //wait for timer, click download, click download again. If you're having problems downloading, try another browser. 

Required Tools [Download these tools]:

  • charles
  • steps in the file above as it is very longggg with a lot of items code. 
  • firefox
  • PDF reader to open the .pdf   [Foxit Reader]

 Tested on 27/10 and working. Did not test all items but as mentioned in the pdf file, some items may not work.

Ninja Saga - Reset, 50M Gold, 2 level 100 teammates

Download required files [ download ] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting.

Credits: Ryuzaki

Required Tools [Download these tools]:
  • Fiddler2
  • Download required files
  • Firefox/Chrome
  1. Download the required file from the link above.
  2. It is in .rar format, so you will need WinRAR to extract the files out. (Can be downloaded at the Tool's Section)
  3. Extract all 3 files out. 
  4. Open Fiddler.
  5. Select all 3 files and drag them all into the Autoresponder tab of Fiddler.
  6. Make sure 'Enable auto...' and 'Permit passthrough...' are both ticked.
  7. Enter Ninja Saga. If you are using firefox, make sure Fiddler mode is ForceOn. (Check the Tool's Tutorial above if first time using fiddler)
  8. If all 3 files are replaced correctly, visit the SHOP in Ninja Saga and go to Items.
  9. You should see 3 items. Reset, 50M and Invite GODKNOWS team. 
  10. Just select the cheat you want. If you want to have both Ryuzaki and MissDex to fight for you, select GODKNOWS team. They are both level 100. Have fun.
  11. For coins cheat, check your gear and sell for $$

CityVille Coins Cheat

// Tested and working.

Required Tools [Download these tools]:

  • Charles Proxy Debugging
  • Firefox

Credits: boomblsangUSAUK@tottallyfarmville


  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter CityVille [ play now ]
  3. Play the game until you have at least 1 business building. The cheapest is the bakery, so purchase that.
  4. Wait for 10 people to visit the bakery and you will notice a Green Money Bag at the top of the building.
  5. Go to Charles first and find the line ""
  6. Expand it and you will see 'flashservices/'
  7. Expand and you will see a lot of gateway.php(FlashService...)
  8. Right click any of the gateway.php and select "Breakpoints"
  9. Now, click on the green money bag in CityVille.
  10. A Breakpoint tab will appear in Charles.
  11. Click on EDIT REQUEST > AMF
  12. Expand everything till you see something like the image below.
  13. Change the value 10 to 10000 (dont make it too high or you may get an error)
  14. Click Execute 
  15. Click Execute again
  16. Now, remove the Breakpoint from the gateway.php
  17. Refresh the game, you should see your new coins. Have fun!

Happy Baby 開心寶貝(开心宝贝) 9th Dec

New Updates: 
  • Faster pet cleaning
  • Takes only one tick to clean pets, and you don't need to waste time picking up the soap.
  • Just pat the pet and it becomes clean. It's like shaking them down for their lunch money.
Download required files [ download ] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting.

Required Tools [Download these tools]:
  • download required files above
  • Fiddler
  • Play Happy Baby [ play now ]
    - A Chinese version of Pet Society. Extremely similar.

  1. Download Main.swf from the links above.
  2. Open fiddler and replace Main.swf. The rule editor are as required. If you do not know how to replace, read the Tool's Tutorial from the link above.   
    just paste this above line into the rule editor. It does not have to be regex or exact.
  3. Reload Happy Baby . If replaced correctly, the lines will be highlighted.
  4. Cheat includes:
    • Pet is artificially set to always being full health so it moves quickly and is allowed to jump rope. 
    • Jumping rope (unlocks at pet level 4) now rewards coins every other jump instead of every 10 jumps
      You don't have to click to jump. It just spins around and gives you coins.
      The game uses 'energy' to limit how much jump roping you can do in a given day (via server side calls), but if you don't have many friends in the game to visit (which also uses up energy), it's a fast way to convert energy into coins and pet points. Once you've emptied out your energy, you have to click to visit a friend to exit out of the jumprope.

CityVille Coins Cheat v2

Required Tools [Download these tools ]:
  • Charles
  • Firefox
  • Follow my steps closely


  1. Open Charles.
  2. Enter CityVille (play now)
  3. Make sure you can see both CityVille and Charles on your monitor screen as the timing as to be FAST.
  4. Find the line ""  visit for more cheats.
  5. Expand it, and expand flashservice/ 
  6. You should see some gateway.php.
  7. Collect your rent and money from the businesses. Coins and Stars will drop out.
  8. Notice your TOP RIGHT hand corner of the game. As you click on these coins and stars, there is a BONUS bar. The moment this bonus bar has the word "EXCELLENT", quickly right click any gateway.php and select Breakpoints.  visit for more cheats.
  9. You will notice in the game you will get 30bonus coins. If done correctly, a breakpoint tab will now appear in Charles. visit for more cheats.
  10. Find for this amount "30" as shown in the image below.
  11. Change it to 500,000 or LESSER. Don't be too greedy as a huge value will not work. 
  12. This definitely works so if 500,000 doesnt work for you, use a smaller value like 20,000. 
  13. Click EXECUTE 2 times. Clear the breakpoint from the gateway.php
  14. Refresh CityVille and you should see your new coins.  visit for more cheats.

CityVille Cheats // Cash cheat to help you complete your buildings

Required Tools [Download these tools]:
  • charles
  • firefox

Well, this cash cheat allows you to COMPLETE your buildings without having to send friends' requests. The cash will not be saved but the building will be saved when completed. Community buildings to increase population cap will all require this cash cheat, so have fun as it works, as shown in my video. You CANNOT purchase cash buildings as there will be an error. Only works for community recruitment.

Credits: astuceville


  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter CityVille [ play now ]
  3. Go to Charles first and find the line ""
  4. Expand it and you will see 'flashservices/'
  5. Expand and you will see a lot of gateway.php(FlashService...)
  6. Right click any of the gateway.php and select "Breakpoints"
  7. Now, reload CityVille.
  8. A Breakpoint tab will appear in Charles.
  9. Press EXECUTE once. 
  10. Another breakpoint will appear with an Edit Request tab
  11. Click on EDIT REQUEST > AMF
  12. Expand everything till you can see your own profile with the number of coins and cash that you have. (watch video to understand this step better)
  13. Change the cash value to 100
  14. Go back to your session tab and remove the breakpoint.
  15. Go back to the breakpoint tab and Click Execute 
  16. The game will now load and you should see your new cash. Spend them on the community buildings now as they will disappear.

Useful downloads

All tools has been scanned and are 100% free from virus that will compromise your computer. I use these programs myself so I know it is safe. 

Tools that you will require:

Internet Browers:




Flash versions:

Pet Society Cheat // Better than Clone Cheat

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

I will explain what this cheat does first. You will be able to CHANGE the items in the LUXURY shop of Pet Society. Let's say you want to buy Black Cat, just use the shopmaker, put it in the luxury shop and viola, the next time you load Pet Society, Black Cat is for sale! You can now buy ANY RARE items you want with the ShopMaker and the best part is... it can be SAVED and GIFTED.

Credits: youon9

You will need these:

  • Fiddler2 [download]
  • .NET Framework 2.0 (download this only if you can't get Fiddler2 to work) [download]
  • ShopMaker [download]

  1. Go into Fiddler2
  2. Click File and ensure "Capture Traffic" is ticked
  3. Click "Launch IE" in fiddler2 (you can use google chrome too. just run fiddler and load ps on chrome. firefox works too, look at lower right and "use fiddler automatically" )
  4. Log into Pet Society
  5. Now look at the left panel of Fiddler2.
  6. Search for this line "/games/pets/swf/x.x.xx/shops/shopMysteryXXXX.dat"
  7. Right click > Copy > Just URL
  8. Click on AutoResponder in Fiddler2
  9. Tick both Enable Automatic responses and Permit passthrough
  10. Now click "Add". A new line will appear in "If URL matches"

    Shop Maker Steps:
  11. Now open ShopMaker
  12. Click Download Database. (dont change the filename)
  13. Click Save
  14. Click on Shop Mystery.
  15. If done correctly, you should see a list of items at the left panel with the price.
  16. Look at Shop N.I.S in the shopmaker OR you can search for items that you want to include in the shop.
  17. You can now select the items you want to purchase. Double click the items or add everything by clicking "Insertar Todos"
  18. Once you have added the items you wan, click "Guardar"
  19. Type a filename (any name) and click save.
    *notice a second file with the same filename is generated. But with a .dat extension (this is the file you want!)
    example: shop.xml and ShopMystery-shop.xml.dat will be auto generated
    if you save as haha.xml, ShopMystery-haha.xml.dat will be auto generated. GEDDIT?

  20. Now go back to Fiddler2
  21. At the bottom of the AutoResponder tab, you should see Rule Editor
  22. Click on the arrow BESIDE "save"
  23. Click "select a file" and open the file that is generated by the ShopMaker (ShopMystery-shop.xml.dat in my case)
  24. Click SAVE
  25. Now reload Pet Society. Click Clear Cache in Fiddler.
  26. Once Pet Society loads, go into MysteryShop and you should see the items you added! You will need coins to purchase them. But buy all the RARE Black Cats or anything you want today! The key to this cheat is replacing the normal database PetSociety loads with the new database that is generated by the shopmaker

    If loading gets stuck at ShopMystery (look at the actions in fiddler), YOU DID STEP 23 WRONG

Charles Web Debugging Proxy Crack

Rejoice guys, as you can now crack your Charles and not get those annoying pop-ups or 30min usage anymore. You can now easily spending longer time finding loopholes in your favourite game without the 30minute limitation. Just follow the steps.  

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):

  • Java Installer (You need this to be able to run Charles. Users who are able to use Charles all the while do not have to install this. 
  • Charles Installer + Crack [Link]
  1. Download the above file.
  2. Use Winrar to extract all 3 files to your Desktop
  3. Double click charles_setup_3.51.exe and install Charles into your computer. (You should probably uninstall the previous version of Charles)
  4. Double click run.bat
  5. A Charles v3.5 Patcher should appear. (if it didnt, you didnt extract all the 3 files to your desktop!! read step 2!!)
  6. Click 'browse'
  7. Navigate to the folder where Charles was installed. (If default, it will be at C:\Program Files\Charles\lib)
  8. In the 'lib' folder, you should see a charles.jar. Double click that.
  9. Charles will now be successfully cracked
  10. Open Charles, click Help, click Register
  11. Input anything you want for both the name and the key. 
  12. You can now use Charles as a fully registered software. Have fun finding cheats!